John Bijlard Sporthorses


Welcome at John Bijlard Sporthorses. We strive to make the perfect match between human and horse.

John Bijlard Sporthorses is located in The Netherlands, near the historic village of Giethoorn (also known as the Venice of the North). The Netherlands is highly regarded in the equestrian world. Horse riding has been deeply rooted in our genes for centuries. We have a rich tradition in equestrian sports and there is an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise about horses.

John Bijlard Sporthorses is specialized in the selection and sale of jumpers, hunters and equitation  horses. We make the purchase of your dream horse as easy and convenient as possible. We take care of you and your horse, every step of the way.

Our customers come from all over the world, especially the United States, England and Mexico. We even have clients that we’ve worked with for over 30 years. They rely blindly on our value judgment, expertise and skills. Something we are very proud of!

Transparent & reliable

We train, buy and sell top quality horses. Showjumpers, hunters and equitation horses that grow out to be future champions.

Your best interest is important to us, and our company has the expertise to support you through the entire process of purchase, step by step.

Through our extensive network of private and professional contacts, we ensure that we meet and even exceed customer expectations.


Our professional team has thorough knowledge of the breeding and performance of European top horses. We maintain high standards of medical testing, bloodwork and reporting. We take good care of our horses. They stay in modern and comfortable stables, with spacious grassy meadows and sandy paddocks. In the spacious outdoor arena, the horses are trained by experienced horse trainers.